Modular, or Part-Time Pilot Training

'Modular' means that you want to complete your pilot training whilst you study, save, work or a combination of all three! It can be quite difficult to understand how it works and what training you need to do and in what order. For this reason we have produced a brochure which explains how it all works, the time frames and prices. You can download a copy of our modular brochure here.

Integrated, or Ab Initio Pilot Training

An Integrated Flight Deck Programme or 'integrated' course is known in the industry as ab initio, or, from the beginning. This is a full time course of flying and ground training run by an Approved Training Organisation (a flying school) such as ourselves. You can enrol on an ab initio course at FTA, with zero experience and complete you training in approximately 18 months. 

Download a copy of the brochure here.

What is it like to train at FTA? 

Whilst you wait to hear from us, you may like to watch short video which features our students explaining what it's like to train here: 


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