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Myth busting the aviation industry...

Emily Clayden21 Oct 2016

Myth Busting Blog: This blog post aims to answer some of the most common "myths" surrounding the aviation industry and the pilot career path... 

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FTA Cadet flies solo after just 10 hours flight training

Emily Clayden11 Oct 2016

Integrated student, Hemal Gandhi shares his first impressions of training at FTA's satelite base in Teruel.

Here’s what he had to say about his time so far and going solo for the first time:

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Cadet Davide, offers great advice to those considering pilot training at FTA

Emily Clayden11 Oct 2016

We had a Q&A session with our FTA cadet, Davide Priamo, to try and discover what motivated him to start the journey to become a pilot, why he chose FTA as his preferred flight school and what aspiration he has for the future...

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5 top tips to prepare yourself for becoming a pilot!

Emily Clayden07 Oct 2016


1. Do your initial aviation research

Before you decide if you want to become a pilot, it is important to research the realities behind this career path. Try to immerse yourself within the aviation world. You can do this by visiting different airfields and airports, and researching the flight schools who provide your desired training programme – most flight schools offer a tour around their campus where you can visit the environment you would be training in and ask any important questions you may have. Try to attend careers shows such as Pilot Careers Live, and subscribe to lots of aviation news blogs; this will help you to stay on top of all the current issues and trends within the world of aviation. You could also book a ‘Trial Flying Lesson’ to experience what it’s really like to be in control of an aircraft.

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