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Top 10 facts about Teruel Airport, Spain

Alexandra O'Loughlin12 Dec 2018

About Teruel

The city and the province of Teruel (te´rwel) are known for its Mudejár art, varied landscapes, jamón (ham), dinosaur remains and the tragic 13th century love story, Los Amantes de Teruel. With a population of 35,000, Teruel is one of the smallest capitals in Spain. 

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What is it like to work as an Instructor? Chief Flight Instructor James explains what motivated him to pursue his career.

Alexandra O'Loughlin12 Dec 2018

For many of our pilots, the desire to pursue a flying career started as a childhood dream and ambition. That’s certainly true of James, our Chief Flight Instructor. James’s flight training ultimately led him down an unexpected path when his instructor suggested that he trained to teach.

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