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Integrated vs. Modular – which is the best way to get your frozen ATPL?


Integrated Flight Deck Programmes

If you want to complete your training in under 2 years and can access the funds to pay from £69,950 over 12 months then this is absolutely the right option for you.


The quicker you can complete your training, the quicker you can apply for roles within airlines and start work as a First Officer. Students that choose this route are typically able to fund this with finance from parents, inheritance, secured loans – or a combination of the above.

With FTA you have the option to pay for your course over 12 months. If you were to enrol on one of FTAs Integrated Flight Deck Programmes today, for example, you pay an initial payment of £14,000 and the remaining balance over 12 months.

The course fee includes all your airport fees, uniform, books, instruction, tests and flight time. The only items you need to fund separately are any repeated phases, and tests. Your accommodation is funded by you too, although support is given to find the right arrangement for you whether it’s a student house, hotel, hosted family or apartment. If Option A (priced at £66,950) or the alternative, Option B (priced at £79,950) of the integrated training is not viable for you, you can elect to study on a modular basis and it is practical.

Modular pilot training

Those that elect to study for their frozen ATPL through modular training, are typically those that need to work to afford their training costs, or were so keen to start flying, they trained for their PPL at the earliest opportunity.

Modular training allows you to spread the financial expenditure over a period of time that suits you, fitting personal, family or work commitments around realizing your dream to be a pilot. This is great if you’re happy to spend a bit longer training (potentially 2-3 years) or are unable find such a large sum of money upfront. A number of cadets will work as cabin crew within an airline for example, combining their love of flying with work and perhaps getting an inside track with a company they hope to one day fly for. In this scenario, you can perhaps pursue your ATPL on a stage by stage basis.

You can study towards your PPL and earn your minimum hours at a local pilot school and then work, or borrow the funds for the next phase of study. Before then completing your ATPL theory either within an academy or by distance learning. In order to fly for commercial airlines you need multi-engine aircraft. After this point you then have the option to complete your MEP, ME IR and ME CPL, in one go. FTA can offer all the ATPL courses on a module by module basis, and offer a special rate on the ME IR, ME CPL, MEP course package as well as discounted flight time for hour building (when purchased in bulk).

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