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Alexandra O'Loughlin30 Aug 2016 Posted in: teruel, pilot

Teruel (te´rwel) is well known for its Mudejár art, varied landscapes, jamón (ham), dinosaur remains and the tragic 13th century love story, Los Amantes de Teruel.

As one of the smallest capitals in Spain, Teruel has a population of 35,000. What makes it so special is its main centre, La Plaza del Torico. At all hours of the day, the heart of the city is dancing with activities, and has been since the Middle Ages. From its main festivals to painting contests, charity events, and music festivals, this square is constantly bustling.

Teruel Airport’s top 10 facts

  1. FTA’s base at Teruel Airport is located in Spain, in the southern part of the Region of Aragón, close to the town of Teruel.
  2. Teruel Airport is centrally located between Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Zaragoza and Bilbao – just 2.5 hours away by road and rail from Spain’s main economic centres, which account for 60% of the country’s GDP and home to 25 million inhabitants.
  3. The airport is located 12 KM from Teruel, a small city with a population of 35,000.
  4. With space to park at least 250 jet liners long-term – and room for expansion, Teruel boasts the largest storage area in Europe for aircraft. There are currently nearly 100 jet liners in the airport
  5. Teruel has an excellent climate: dry and sunny with 242 days of sunshine each year – perfect flying weather!
  6. Historically, Teruel Airport was built on the old Caudé aerodrome, which was used during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). It was later used as an artillery range by the Spanish Air Force. It covered an area of 2,043,600 m2.
  7. Today, the airport is owned by a Consortium formed by the Government of Aragon and Teruel City Council.
  8. The site of the Airport was used historically for military aeronautical activities because of its exceptional climate, location and low density of air traffic.
  9. The runway at Teruel Airport is substantial and measures over 2.8 km long and 60 metres wide!
  10. It’s estimated that FTA will account for 1,400 of the 3,000-4,000 total movements forecast per year. Currently the airport does circa 300 movements per year.

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