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Five fantastic things to do with your private pilot licence (PPL)

Emily Clayden05 Jun 2018

Congratulations! If you’re reading this blog post you must have obtained your Private Pilot Licence, so well done. Now is your chance to take full advantage of your wonderful achievement and do these 5 fantastic things…

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Ryanair visit FTA

Charlotte Berrystone21 May 2018

Last week, we had an exciting day at FTA when Europe's leading airline, Ryanair came to visit. Ryanair is Europe's number one airline, carrying over 130 million customers each year on more than 2,000 daily flights from 86 bases, connecting 215 destinations in 37 countries. In 2017, Ryanair became the first European airline to have carried over 1 billion customers.

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Your top pilot training questions answered...

Alexandra O'Loughlin15 Jan 2018

1.Who does FTA train?

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FTA in the news...

Alexandra O'Loughlin27 Oct 2017

This weekend we will be exhibiting once again at Pilot Careers Live. The event seems to grow year on year and on Saturday 4 November we anticipate more delegates than ever before.

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Work hard, be committed and focus on the final goal; that right hand seat in the cockpit

Alexandra O'Loughlin20 Sep 2017

We spoke to integrated student Julie about her journey to becoming a pilot. Julie has recently started training with FTA on Option A of the Integrated Flight Deck Programme

Within minutes of meeting with her, it’s easy to see why she is training with the flight school today. Julie went solo within 10 hours and has already proven her ability as a strong pilot with great promise.

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What to do in Brighton and Sussex during your pilot training

William Blackburn01 Mar 2017

We realise that the primary reason that students come here is to complete their flight training, whether it being through one of our modular or integrated pilot course packages.

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Cadet Stories: Justin

William Blackburn13 Jan 2017

We spoke to FTA student Justin Law as he prepares to take his Commercial Pilot License Skills Test, about his childhood ambition to become a pilot and what steps he has taken towards turning his dreams into a reality.


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Optimise your concentration and performance levels for ATPL Ground School

Alexandra O'Loughlin23 Dec 2016

Read through our top tips for optimising your concentration and performance levels during your pilot training:

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Advice and tips for completing your ATPL Theory

Alexandra O'Loughlin23 Dec 2016

We hear so often how students are put off completing their ATPL theory or dread the seemingly insurmountable amount of work it entails.

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Anthony talks about his decision to 'invest in himself'

Alexandra O'Loughlin28 Nov 2016

Anthony, a student at FTA is mid-way through his pilot training and loving every minute of it...

My first time in an aircraft was as a child flying to Jersey on a holiday. I vividly remember climbing the stairs to the now obsolete BAC One Eleven and marveling at its beauty. Back then British Airways planes had a super smart Speedbird livery with a coat of arms on the tail. When I saw it close up with its enormous rear mounted engines I was amazed. I never knew at the time but I see it as one of my life's great transition points. Several years later I went with my mother on a day out to Gatwick Airport. There used to be an observation deck in the South Terminal where you could watch aircraft taking off and landing.

It was then, aged about eight or nine, that I seriously began considering piloting as a profession when I heard the words, ''you know, you could do that one day.''

From then on I begged family members and collected anything airline related; books, pictures, old amenity kits and even plastic cutlery! Even today, I have an impressive array of airline memorabilia that goes back a few years.

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