What is it like to work as a flight instructor?

Our instructors explain what it's like to work at Brighton City Airport. There is a high demand for commercial pilots and flight instructors, and so there has never been a better time to embark on your dream. You shouldn't worry that training to become an instructor takes you on a single path, working as an instructor is a great way to build your hours and experience, as well as secure an alternative career option. We are fortunate to have experienced instructors who love what they do. Watch our video and see what you think.

What is it really like learning to fly?

You're sure to be inspired by our pilots. Training alongside others that share the same vision as you is an incredible experience. Not enough people are training to become pilots, and while the cost is the most significant barrier for many, we are lucky to meet those whose relentless drive to become a pilot ensures they will be undeterred in the pursuit of their dreams. 


Training at FTA Global

Six months of your essential training to become a pilot takes place in a classroom. In this video, we meet Ashley and Jack who are midway through their integrated commercial pilot training and finalising their studies in ATPL Theory. In this video we have tried to capture the atmosphere you will experience first hand as a student at FTA. Any pilot will tell you that to be successful in the training you need to demonstrate resilience, hard work, patience and self-assurance. Meet the students doing just that at FTA...

DA40 flying an ILS RWY 24 at Southend Airport (EGMC)

Watch this video of one of our DA40 aircrafts landing at Southend Airport. This video gives you a real sense of what it feels like learning to fly with FTA, in our of our favourite aircrafts for learning in.

A FTA student travels to Le Touquet in France as part of a lesson - just your average day!

Take a look at our 360 degree video of one of our FTA students performing a 'steep turn' in a DA42

When we posted this video on social media it was viewed almost 250,000 times! There's something special about viewing the flight in 360 degrees...see what you think.

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