Due to popular demand, we have now launched a brand new modular package for 2021. 

This combined course packages offers an ‘all-inclusive’ training schedule to cover all the advanced training required for you to be ‘airline ready’.

Our advanced training has always proved highly sought after by modular students. In the majority of cases, students that completed their ATPL Theory instruction have chosen to stay on at FTA and complete their training. 

hannah-lauda-first-officer-1As a modular student – I was looking for the perfect place to meet people and be challenged. hANNAH

This brand new package allows you to book all your advanced training at the same time, and with the same provider, meaning you can be sure your training is booked to run continuously. It includes our recently extended and enhanced ATPL theory course which features blended learning using Padpilot eBooks and computer-based training. 

The time spent working towards your 14 theoretical examinations is not to be taken lightly. This ATPL theory course is like nothing else in the industry, and we are confident that all students will get everything they need to excel in their training. 

The course includes a certified elitePILOT ™ Airline Readiness Programme which is an enhanced Multi Crew Co-operation training to Airline Pilot Standards (APS MCC). It is designed to ‘bridge’ pilots from fATPL to first multi-pilot jet type rating and incorporates advanced swept-wing jet handling and airline operations scenario training.

All flight instruction is delivered by our experienced, standardised staff who are focused on making you the best pilot you can be. We have been delivering modular training for almost 15 years and so very experienced in helping those who have trained in multiple schools or locations to transition to more precision flying required to gain a commercial licence. 

You will complete this course with all the knowledge, skills and expertise to apply for first officer roles with airlines, regardless of when or how you originally embarked on your flight training.

I had already completed my Private Pilot’s Licence part-time, and accrued the necessary hours.Andrew-Lamarre-Diamond-full-profile-post-social-1 I chose FTA for my training because I wanted to complete my training to a high standard. By training in the UK I could also spend time improving my English which is very important in this industry. aNDREW

Course features:

  • ATPL Theory Course, and associated materials and exam fees
  • One years subscription to ‘JeppView’
  • Your first attempt at the Multi-Engine Instrument Rating (ME-IR) test
  • Your first attempt at the Multi-Engine Commercial Pilot's Licence (ME-CPL) flight test
  • Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) 
  • Airline Readiness Programme (APS MCC) – completed with our airline training experts, Jet Masterclass
  • Airline interview workshop and cv preparation training 
  • All flight and ground tuition as per the course syllabus for the Multi-Engine Piston Rating (MEP), ME-IR and ME-CPL
  • Airport fees as per the course syllabus for the MEP, ME-IR and ME-CPL
  • Uniform

*You must have logged at least 160 hours total time, of which at least 100 hours must be as PIC. A qualifying cross country flight of at least 300nm (as per EASA regulations) must have been logged, and you must also have completed at least 5 hours at night (in accordance with EASA requirements for the issue of a night rating).

Who is eligible to enrol?

This package is available to candidates who already possess a Private Pilot's Licence, Night Rating, and have gained their minimum flying hours for the Commercial Pilot's Licence*.

The main differences between the packages are the modules, price and duration.

If you have already completed your ATPL Theory then our traditional Multi-Engine Piston Rating, Multi-Engine Instrument Rating, Multi-Engine Commercial Pilot's Licence course package (known as the MEP, ME IR, ME CPL) is better suited to you. Please click here for more information.  

Next steps

When you are ready to enrol, we need your initial course payment of £9,950, your admission pack and copies your Private Pilot's Licence, EASA Class 1 Medical Certificate, and passport. 


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