On this page you will find all the course fees for our integrated, and modular commercial pilot training. 

Integrated Flight Deck Programmes

Our Integrated Flight Deck Programme can take you from having little or no flying experience to a 'Frozen ATPL' in less than two years. The entirety of the training is completed from our base at Brighton City Airport, with all the flight phases completed in the UK. 

The following items are included within your course fee:

  • All aircraft, simulator and instructor hours
  • Fuel
  • Airport fees
  • Manuals, books and charts
  • Uniform (excluding shoes)
  • Electronic identification card
  • Civil Aviation Authority theory and flight test fees
  • Aircraft hire for tests
  • CV preparation & interview workshop
  • VAT

Course price: £77,950

The price is based on completing the course in minimum hours and may be subject to change without notice.

Terms and conditions apply.

Credits are available for those that already hold an ICAO PPL

If you already hold an ICAO PPL you might be eligible for a reduction in your course fee and hours.

The hours you can count towards the course depends on your experience and whether you hold a Night Rating.

If you hold an ICAO PPL: 50% of your hours up to a maximum of 40 at the discretion of the Head of Training.

If you hold an ICAO PPL & Night Rating: 50% of your hours up to a maximum of 45 at the discretion of the Head of Training.

For every hour that is deducted from the course, the cost will be reduced by £220 per hour*.

* All prices include VAT (at 20%), based on completing the course in minimum hours and may be subject to change without notice.

Terms and conditions apply.

Modular courses

If 18 months of back-to-back training is not viable for you, FTA offers the option to complete your flight training in phases.

FTA students can take a modular route towards their Frozen ATPL, or simply choose individual courses. The fees for FTA’s modular courses, inclusive of VAT (where applicable) are as follows:

  • Private Pilot Licence (PPL): £12,025*
  • Night Rating (NR): £1,570*
  • Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL): £6,495**
  • MEP Rating: £3,670
  • Multi-Engine Instrument Rating (ME IR): from £15,745
  • Multi-Engine Commercial Pilot Licence (ME CPL): from £6,295
  • Complete the MEP, ME IR and ME CPL courses full time, and back to back (in the specified order) you will benefit from a discounted price of £26,195
  • Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC/JOC): £4,195***  

* The Private Pilot Licence (PPL) and Night Rating (NR) training is conducted in a Diamond DA40.

** The ATPL price includes first time exam sitting.

*** Our Multi Crew Cooperation Courses are completed with our airline preparation partners, Jet MASTERCLASS. Visit our modular course page for more information.

We also offer revalidation and renewal courses for those already qualified, read on for more information.

The above prices include:

  • Airport fees, as per the course syllabus on all flight courses (including an estimated 100 hours of hour building
  • Full set of training and route manuals
  • Full set of books
  • Fuel
  • VAT (unless otherwise stated).

If you decide to study towards your Frozen ATPL through modular training, please note that additional costs will be incurred which we cannot control. These include Civil Aviation Authority Test fees, optional costs and aircraft hire for tests. The current estimated price of other costs and fees is £5,000.

Specialist Programmes:

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