What skills and knowledge do I need to train to become a pilot?


If you would like to enrol on our Integrated Flight Deck Programme you will need to meet the following criteria:


The entry requirements for a modular course will vary, depending on which phase of flight training you have already completed. All the prerequisites for our modular courses are available on the course page, please check the relevant module for specific entry requirements.


When you're ready to enrol or secure your space on a course, we will need the following:

  • A copy of your passport or national identity card.
  • A completed copy of the relevant admission pack.
  • Either a copy of your medical certificate, or evidence that one has been booked (this is dependant on how far in advance you book your course).
  • Copy of your qualifications (e.g. GCSEs).
  • Your initial payment or deposit (this will vary according to which course and year you enrol).

English Language Requirements

All students are expected to have a good level of English language, writing and comprehension. Overseas students must have English language competence of Level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference Languages (CEFR) or Level 4 of the International Civil Aviation Organisation.

More information for students from an EU or EEA country can be found here.

Do you have the necessary 'pilot personality'?

Read our article 'pilot personality' which includes the other core competencies you will be expected to exhibit as a pilot, click here to learn more >>

You may also find the articles featured on our blog useful and informative. Click here to read our pilot training blog.

Skills assessment/aptitude test

You do not need to complete a skills test to enrol on one of our courses. We would prefer for you to do a test that informs you about yourself, your personality and your aptitude for pilot training rather than a 'pass or fail' entrance exam. 

There are independent tests are available for this.  Our partners in pilot training, AirlinePrep now offer an airline pilot skills assessment. The test that is suitable for aspiring pilots is the Aspiring Pilot Psychometric Test for £199. Made up of a range of tests that cover Maths, Physics, Reasoning and Personality, these tests are designed to predict your future performance within a pilot training programme.  After completing the test, candidates have an individual debriefing with a current professional pilot to discuss the results and what they mean.  In addition to this, if you share your results with FTA for the Aspiring Pilot Psychometric Test, and further sign up for a course with us, we will credit your FTA account with £199!  

The Honourable Company of Air Pilots also offer a pilot assessment/aptitude test for those who are unsure whether they have the potential to succeed in professional flying.  These assessments are carried out at RAF Cranwell (in Lincolnshire).

As anyone who has completed pilot training will tell you, the journey is not easy. It takes hard work and commitment to become an airline pilot but the rewards are there for those willing to invest the time and effort.