ME CPL Course Details


Gain your Multi-Engine Commercial Pilot Licence with FTA. We provide full training on our Garmin G1000-equipped Diamond DA40 and DA42 Twin Star aircraft, coupled with a state-of-the-art and CAA-certified FNPTII Diamond DA42 Twin Star simulator. If you are completing a Frozen ATPL course, we recommend taking your MEP Rating and ME-IR course before your ME-CPL.  This is so you can build up the required 200 hours required.



Three to six weeks, depending on weather conditions and candidate skill level. This course can be taken full- or part-time.



  • Flight planning
  • Operational procedures
  • General handling
  • Navigation
  • Radiotelephony
  • Instrument flight rules
  • Operation of complex multi-engine aircraft
  • Operation of FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control)
  • Operation of EFIS (Electronic Flight Instrument System)
  • Emergency procedures.


  • Valid ICAO PPL
  • Current EASA class 1 medical certificate
  • Minimum of 150 hours flight time*
  • Pass in all relevant ATPL/CPL theoretical exams, as set out in the EASA FCL
  • The minimum age for licence issue: 18 years
  • Night Rating requirements
  • MEP Rating
* As per recent European regulations, we recommend candidates have at least 180 hours (non IR or BIFM holders) or 185 hours (IR or BIFM holders), including a minimum of 100 hours as pilot-in-command before starting the course.

To pass their ME-CPL, students must have:

  • 20 hours of cross-country flight time
  • One of the cross-country flights must have been at least 300nm and included two full stop landings at two different aerodromes.


  •  £9,900 inc VAT (not including BIFM)
  • £12,750 inc VAT (including BIFM)


An initial payment of £2,500 is required for a course place to be booked.

For the non BIFM this will be followed by £3,700 on the first day of training and £3,700 three weeks into the course. 

For the CPL with BIFM included, the deposit  will be followed by £5,125 on the first day of training and £5,125 three weeks into the course. 



  • 15 aircraft hours for ME-IR holders based on EASA FCL amendment 7*
  • 25 aircraft/simulator hours for non-ME-IR holders*
  • Instruction*
  • Fuel*
  • Airport fees, as per course syllabus*
  • VAT
  • Test fees
Please note:
  • Additional hours and landings will be charged at the standard rate.