Multi-Engine Instrument Rating (ME IR) Course Details


To fly aircraft under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) in controlled airspace, students at FTA complete our comprehensive EASA Multi-Engine Instrument Rating (ME-IR) course. Taught in modern DA40 and DA42 aircraft, using complex systems including FMS, EFIS, GNSS and ADC, this course is the optimal preparation for the Multi-Engine Commercial Pilot Licence (ME-CPL).



Six to eight weeks, depending on weather conditions and candidate skill level.  This course can be taken full- or part-time and can be studied as a package along with the MEP and ME CPL.



  • Precision and non-precision instrument approaches
  • Missed approach procedures
  • Standard instrument departures
  • Joining and flying an airways system
  • Standard instrument arrivals and emergency procedures under IFR conditions.


  • EASA PPL or CPL with Night Rating
  • MEP Rating or MEP course completion
  • Current EASA class one medical certificate
  • Course pass for theoretical instruction as set out in the EASA-FCL.


To pass their Instrument Rating, students must have:

  • 70 hours as pilot-in-command
  • 50 hours PIC cross-country flight time
  • A flight radiotelephony operator’s licence.


  • £22,500 inc VAT


An initial payment of £2,500 is required for a course place to be booked.

This is followed by £7,500 on the first day of training and £12,500 four weeks into the course.



  • 38* hours minimum of dual instruction in the ALSIM FNPTII flight simulator (based on EASA FCL amendment 7)
  • 4* hours minimum of dual instruction in the DA40
  • 2.75hrs Dual instruction in the PA 28
  • 17.25 hours minimum of dual instruction in the DA42
  • Instruction
  • Fuel and airport fees (as per course syllabus)
  • VAT.
  • Test fees

Please note:

  • * The above applies to PPL holders only. Students who already have a CPL complete 30 hours in the flight simulator and do not require instruction in the DA40.
  • Additional hours and additional landings will be charged at our published rates.