Night Rating (NR) Course Details

Overview: Qualify to fly between official night (30 minutes after sunset) and official day (30 minutes before sunrise). Requiring only five hours of flying in our Diamond DA40s, the Night Rating course is the perfect addition to a PPL.

Duration: 5 hours of flying, 3 of which must be completed with an instructor.

Course breakdown:

  • 5 hours of night flying, (1 hour of which is  dual navigation)
  • 5 solo flights, including a night take-off and landing each time

Course requirements:


Course fee:

Fee includes:

  • Flying hours in Piper PA28
  • Full instruction
  • Landing
  • Touch & goes

Please note: additional hours will be charged at the normal hourly rate.  Additional touch & goes outside of the course syllabus will be charged at our published rates.

At FTA, the Night Rating is included in the PPL course.