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 Integrated Flight Deck Programme

 Includes Advanced UPRT, APS MCC, Dual Licencing




 Modular Package 1

 ATPL TK (Full-Time) + MEP + CPL + IR + AUPRT + APS MCC



 Modular Package 2

 ATPL TK (Online) + MEP + CPL + IR + AUPRT + APS MCC



 Modular Package 3




 Modular Package 4

 MEP + CPL + IR 



STANDARD HOURLY RATES (Includes Landing Fees)

Diamond DA42 Aircraft Dual (per hour)  £657
Diamond DA42 Aircraft Hire (per hour)  £557
Diamond DA40 Aircraft Dual (per hour)  £430
Diamond DA40 Aircraft Hire (per hour)  £355
Piper PA28 Aircraft Dual (per hour)  £399
Piper PA28 Aircraft Hire (per hour)  £324

Hour building Package - 20-hour block

  • Piper PA28 (includes Shoreham Landing fees)
  • Diamond DA40 (includes Shoreham Landing fees)




SEP/MEP Skills Test Fee £230
 CPL and IR Skills Test Fee  £850
Ground Exam £45
Radio Telephony Practical £150
 Test of English for Aviation (TEA)  £150

Credits are available for those that already hold an ICAO PPL

If you already hold an ICAO PPL you might be eligible for a reduction in your course fee and hours. 

Subject to approval by the FTA Head of Training, we permit a standardised credit of up to ten hours of solo flight towards the total 50 PIC/PICUS hours required on an Integrated course. No credit from prior PPL experience will be made towards the required dual instruction. 

For every PIC hour that is deducted from the Integrated course, your fee will be reduced by £150 (inc VAT) per hour.


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