This page sets out the Disability Policy for FTA. FTA does not discriminate against anyone with a disability in terms of employment opportunities or customer service.

Access to premises

The building is accessed by a small step up to a porch and then level access through the main door. It is possible for a person using walking aids or a wheelchair to negotiate this step. In those cases where a person cannot negotiate the step, access is possible via a ramp and door into the adjacent Ops room, which is connected to the main FTA building.

The building has an upper floor accessed only by stairs. There is no lift. All flying facilities are located on the ground floor. However, the ground school classroom is on the upper floor and is currently inaccessible to those unable to use the stairs. A distance learning ground school course is available for any customers unable to attend the FTA classroom course.


FTA posts are open to anyone and we do not discriminate on any grounds. Employment is offered on the basis of the best person for the particular post.

Offices are located on the ground floor and upper floor of the building. Depending on the post, an employee may be required to work on either level. If the employee cannot use the stairs to reach the upper level then they would either be allocated an office space on the ground floor or suitable modifications would be made, where reasonable, to enable them to access the upper floor.


FTA welcomes any person who wishes to fly. Our aircraft do not have any specific modifications for disabilities but our varied fleet enables us to offer a range of flying control options. We will accept anyone for an Introductory Flying Lesson to experience a flight, as long as the customer can exit the aircraft unaided in an emergency. Acceptance on one of our courses would be subject to the relevant medical certificate being obtained.