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FTA Graduate and Ryanair Pilot Liam offers advice to those embarking on their pilot training

Charlotte Berrystone01 Jun 2022

We recently caught up with FTA Graduate Liam, who is now working as a First Officer with Ryanair. Liam discusses a day in the life of being a pilot at Ryanair, the training process and offers advice to those embarking on their pilot training.

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Press Release: FTA Global announces partnership with Fantasy Wings

Charlotte Berrystone09 Apr 2022

FTA Global, the school that delivers elite flight training for professional pilots, today announces a new partnership with Fantasy Wings, the programme that gives Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people and Women a platform to enter and excel in the Aviation industry or become commercial airline pilots.

Aimed to make pilot training more accessible to those who are underrepresented in the aviation community, FTA Flight school has taken proactive steps to address career development and financial barriers to study by committing to the following benefits offered through their Pilot training and Flight Instructor Ratings.

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FTA Open Day

Josiah Kirpalani22 Mar 2022

We hosted our FTA Open Day on Saturday which was a great success; including a seminar hosted by a TUI Captain.

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Cadet Stories: Kaveri

Charlotte Berrystone10 Mar 2022

We spoke to Kaveri this week who is currently on our Integrated Flight Deck Programme. Kaveri explains what it's like being a female pilot in the aviation industry and why she chose FTA as her flight training provider.

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Cadet Stories: Kate

Charlotte Berrystone09 Mar 2022
Kate takes us through her motivation to become a pilot and her experience training.

When did you decide you wanted to be a pilot? What was it that first sparked your interest in aviation and becoming a pilot?

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Cadet Stories: Isabelle

Charlotte Berrystone08 Mar 2022

We recently caught up with Isabelle who is about to start the next phase of her pilot training with us - the Full Advanced Package. She explained why she decided to come to FTA and her passion for becoming a pilot. 

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International Women's Day - Tuesday 8th March 2022

Josiah Kirpalani08 Mar 2022

International Women's Day is a global day which celebrates the social, cultural, economic, and political achievements of women. As well as being a day for celebration, a significant part of the day is also making a call to action for accelerating women's equality. 

Aviation is an industry where both of these elements of International Women’s Day can be seen. Great strides have been taken and achieved for female pilots, however, indisputably, more can and needs to be done to ensure that there is true equality in the aviation industry. - Only 5.8% of the world’s airline pilots are female (The International Society of Women Airline Pilots (ISA+21).

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Meet the instructor: Orin

Charlotte Berrystone24 Feb 2022

We spoke to one of FTA's Flight Instructors, Orin, who will be departing us soon for a new challenge - flying the ATR 42/72 with Loganair. Orin discusses his journey to becoming a flight instructor and offers advice to aspiring flight instructors.

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Cadet Stories: Will

Charlotte Berrystone23 Feb 2022

We caught up with FTA student Will who recently completed his PPL with us. Will explains about his love for aviation and discusses his pilot training journey. 

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Flying through Storm Eunice

Charlotte Berrystone22 Feb 2022

We spoke to Tony,  Director of FPT, our training partner for Advance Upset Prevention Recovery Training, who is also a Gulfstream Senior Captain and was flying during Storm Eunice.

‘Every sector of the industry earned their money this weekend. Pilots drew on their competencies to make decisions on whether to go or not, make an approach to land or go around. ATC managed a rapid increase in workload as the weather dynamically changed. Communicating with aircraft and other ATC units to ensure aircraft had safe areas to hold whilst the weather calmed down until a safe approach could be made. Planners and handlers adapted to a rapidly changing program with aircraft scattered across the country.

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