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Cadet Stories: Maddie

Charlotte Berrystone26 Jan 2023

We recently caught up with Maddie who joined our Integrated Flight Deck Programme last year. Currently doing her ATPL Theory, she explained why she decided to come to FTA and her passion for becoming a pilot. 

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International student Robin explains why he chose the UK to do his flight instructor training and offers advice to aspiring pilots

Charlotte Berrystone06 Jan 2023

We caught up with Robin who has recently completed our Flight Instructor Course. As an international student, Robin discusses his training back home in France, why he chose the UK to do his flight instructor training and offers advice to aspiring pilots.

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Press Release: Resilient Pilot teams up with FTA Global to provide virtual Resilience Development Programme

Nick Handford28 Nov 2022

04th Nov 2022, United Kingdom: FTA Global has selected Resilient Pilot to provide industry-leading Resilience Development Programme to 15 cadets alongside their flight training programme. The programme will start in December 2022. In a new collaborative partnership established between the two organisations, the programme aims to introduce the concepts of CBTA for continuous personal and professional resilience development to enhance human performance.

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FTA Graduate and Ryanair Pilot Dan offers advice to those embarking on their pilot training

Charlotte Berrystone25 Nov 2022

We recently caught up with FTA Graduate Dan, who is now working as a First Officer with Ryanair. Dan discusses a day in the life of being a pilot at Ryanair, why he chose FTA, and offers advice to those embarking on their pilot training.

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Press Release: UK Flight School FTA Global prepares for future strategic investment

Charlotte Berrystone18 Nov 2022


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Cadet Stories: Joe

Charlotte Berrystone15 Nov 2022

We spoke with Joe, who has dreamt of a career in aviation for as long as he can remember. He tells us how the location and UK-based training were major reasons why he chose FTA for his flight training. Joe offers advice for those considering pilot training in the future.

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UK-Based Training

Nick Handford27 Oct 2022

FTA offers training exclusively from its base at Shoreham Airfield (Brighton City Airport) on the South Coast of the UK. Its unique location allows easy access to both the UK and European airspace.

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Press Release: FTA Global offers a distance learning option with Bristol Ground School

Charlotte Berrystone23 Sep 2022

FTA have teamed up with Bristol Ground School to offer a distance learning option for their Advanced Modular Package.

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Does FTA require prospective students to undertake an entrance exam?

Nick Handford21 Sep 2022

FTA does not require students to sit and pass an entrance exam before starting their training with us. We don’t believe an entrance exam benefits you as a student directly and it could be argued that the 'pass' mark for an entrance exam may ‘fluctuate’ according to a company's course availability.

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A flying start: FTA Global flight school lands Brighton University partnership to deliver pilot licence training

Charlotte Berrystone06 Jul 2022

New course starting in September 2022 offers training towards a private pilot licence for single engine aircraft - a stepping stone to a commercial pilot career.

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