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New hour building package now available

Students and staff celebrate ATPL exam success

Do I need a degree to become an airline pilot?

What is an Airline Pilot Standards (APS) Programme?

Joe explains how becoming an airline pilot is all he's ever wanted

A celebration of new beginnings at FTA Global

Lewis shares how he has found his flight training so far, including his experience of ATPL Theory during the lockdown

New online ATPL instruction proves resounding success

Find the inspiration

The top 10 questions to ask your future flight school

New and exciting plans for our world-class flight school

A pilot’s guide to getting through a quarantine

International Women's Day 2020

Approaching the end of her training, Ashley discusses her pilot journey

Chloe explains her motivation and drive for becoming a pilot

Becoming a pilot was a childhood dream for Hannah

Andrew, a First Officer for Lauda explains how he trained to become an airline pilot.

20 reasons to train as a pilot in 2020

Choose the best location in the world to train - the UK

The positive predictions continue for the aviation industry...

Antonio inspires a generation as he graduates age 54, and secures a job with a European airline

What flight training do I need to complete if I am unable to enrol on an integrated programme?

What is it like to work as a ground school instructor?

The significance of your social media presence

What is UPRT and do I need to  complete it?

FTA Global featured by US publisher, CNBC.com

Pilot training cheat sheet

Sarah explains how and why she became an instructor

'Best in Class' Solution For ATPL Theory

Pilot Personality

Liam offers advice to those embarking on their pilot training

Toby describes his excitement when he secured a job at Flybe days after completing his MCC/APS course.

Quick fire question and answer session with Jet MASTERCLASS' Directors Rob Bleker and Frank Jukes...

Airline Preparation specialists Jet MASTERCLASS explain what 'APS' means and the qualities that make a good pilot

Jordan explains how his love of planes as a child lead to becoming a pilot with Ryanair

Former FTA Instructor Jerome discusses his journey to becoming a pilot for RyanAir

Why work as a flight instructor?

So what should a prospective student at FTA expect when they enrol onto ATPL theory ground school?

5 top tips to prepare yourself for becoming a pilot!

AirlinePrep and Demystifying Airline Interviews

Cadet Stories: Nathan

How can I train to become a commercial pilot?

Pilot Careers Live - April 2019 proves fantastic success

Meet George, our Student Services Assistant

International Women's Day 2019

Competition winner Charlie, shares his excitement at winning a flying lesson

Success at Virgin Future Flyers

easyJet pilot Tim, explains how he completed his training while working in Air Traffic

How and why we de-ice aircraft before flying

What is ATPL Theory?

FTA continues to set the standard with new Jet Orientation Course

Top interview tips for pilots

How can I train to be a pilot – your top questions answered

FTA graduate Steve, reflects on his journey to his role as captain with Loganair

What is it like to work as an Instructor? Chief Flight Instructor James explains what motivated him to pursue his career.

FTA graduate Demetris offers an insight into his journey to becoming a pilot

Dan explains how a chance encounter re-determined his career path


Meet our team of experts at Pilot Careers Live

The #10 skills and qualities you need to be a good flight instructor

How can I train to become a Flight Instructor?

Boeing's market outlook - 2018

Why become an instructor?

Ana offers an insight into life as a pilot with airBaltic

University - is it really for you?

A day in the life of an operations assistant in a commercial flight school...

Ana, worked as a Flight Instructor before joining AirBaltic

Our Training Fleet

Introduction to ATPL Theory

FTA graduate and pilot, Rob offers great advice to those embarking on their commercial pilot training

Five fantastic things to do with your private pilot licence (PPL)

Ryan explains his journey to becoming a pilot at FTA Global

Ryanair visit FTA

Mark explains how timing and research is everything when training to become a pilot



Kamil explains how he's just secured a job with a commercial airline after completing the BESTPILOT programme

Taking to the skies - Alessandro Naibo

Integrated vs. Modular – which is the best way to get your frozen ATPL?

Bucks visit to Fta 

International Women's Day - why are only 3% of pilots female?

Ryanair announces exciting cadet sponsorship programme

Childhood dream becomes a reality for trainee pilot, James

What to expect from your pilot medical - the facts

Apply for our funded 'Instructor upgrade' programme

Your top pilot training questions answered...

Why become a pilot?

Female students discovering the endless possibilities in aviation

Top 10 interesting facts about aviation

FTA rejects claims that pilot training needs to cost £120,000

Pilot Careers Live proves fantastic success

FTA in the news...

Aer Lingus has asked us to spread this exciting news about their biggest ever pilot recruitment drive...

Work hard, be committed and focus on the final goal; that right hand seat in the cockpit

Accommodation - What is it like to live on the Sussex Coast?

Who is recruiting 'low hour' Pilots?

Setting off to a flying start: Yousaf

Living the Spanish Dream

The number of cadets training to be pilots in the UK continues to fall short of the mark

We are just an ordinary family and pilot training was just a dream

University - what's the alternative?

Cadet Stories: Dan

Pilot Stories: Steve

CAA to change ATPL exams

Is it ever too late to follow your dream?

Studying for your exams at the moment?

FTA upgrades DA42 Simulator for enhanced student experience

Exam lifehacks - Tips for studying toward your school or college exams

Would you ever fly on a Pilotless plane?

Cadet stories: Taariq

Women of Aviation Week - can the gender gap in aviation be readdressed?

What to do in Brighton and Sussex during your pilot training

Flight Instructor Stories: Jerome

Pilot Stories : Thibault goes to work for Ryanair

Aviation Jargon

Cadet Stories: Justin

Optimise your concentration and performance levels for ATPL Ground School

Advice and tips for completing your ATPL Theory

Anthony talks about his decision to 'invest in himself'

Myth busting the aviation industry...

FTA Cadet flies solo after just 10 hours flight training

Cadet Davide, offers great advice to those considering pilot training at FTA

We are just an ordinary family and pilot training was just a dream

Live life to the full and follow your dreams

How can I finance my pilot training?

Frequently asked questions

FTA flying school celebrates 10 year anniversary

Five minutes with FTA Instructor Iain McInnes

Pilot shortage looms but UK and European commercial pilot licence issues are down

Degree versus Pilot Training: How do they compare?

How to become a pilot - a mini guide

Flight Instructor Story: Phil

How to choose the right commercial pilot training school - FTA

91% Employment Rate for FTA Cadets

Q&A: FTA - F.I.T - Turkish Airlines Partnership

Q&A : FTA Competition Winner Takes Flight

New funding for commercial pilot training

Working for Ryanair - Recruitment Process | FTA

Flight Instructor Story : Gary Heron - MCC Manager

Sussex Business Awards - FTA makes the finals

Working For Susi Air - Channel 4's Matt Dearden | FTA

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