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Pilot training was just a dream for Yak

Alexandra O'Loughlin30 Sep 2016

Yak, pictured here on his first day at FTA.

I joined the air cadets at aged 13. You get to fly about once a year and that was my first experience of flying.

My first time flying it was in a Grob Tutor and the instructor asked: “so what do you want to do?” and I replied “I want to do aerobatics” and we did it. It was out of this world!

Flying at that stage however, was not a realistic option, we are a normal family so it seemed as though it was always going to be a dream. Then, when I was 14 I heard about a scholarship at the local airport. Cotswold airport offer a two-week flying scholarship each year for 10 lucky candidates.

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Live life to the full and follow your dreams

Emily Clayden30 Sep 2016


FTA Graduate, Chris Metcalf explains how he funded his pilot training and was able to pursue what was once just a dream. As he looks to the future, at roles within airlines, he reflects on what he has accomplished despite some painful setbacks in his youth.


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How can I finance my pilot training?

Alexandra O'Loughlin23 Sep 2016

How you fund your training will depend on where you choose to complete your training, how (with an integrated or modular course) and your time frame. Read on for some information regarding the finance options for both modular and integrated flight training.

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Frequently asked questions

Alexandra O'Loughlin23 Sep 2016

Are you thinking about training to be a pilot but still have some questions? We have put together some frequently asked questions to answer some of your queries and give you the confidence to get started with your training.

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FTA flying school celebrates 10 year anniversary

Alexandra O'Loughlin16 Sep 2016



2016 marks FTA’s 10-year anniversary at Brighton City Airport. It might be a surprise to many that this successful commercial pilot training school is based in Sussex. But in fact, Sussex is a great location for pilot training. It’s estimated that the UK supplies a market-leading 25% of Europe’s qualified commercial pilots each year. With its changeable weather, high-quality standards and congested airspace, the UK is the perfect training environment.

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