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Flight Instructor Stories: Jerome

Alexandra O'Loughlin22 Feb 2017



My journey with aviation started quite early. When I was 16 years old, I studied as an apprentice to become an ‘Aircraft Engineer’, as that had always been my passion when I was at school. I went on to work for Air France for 2 years and then Troyes Aviation for another 2 years. It was a great experience and really began to cement the core concepts and fundamentals about aircraft that I still continue to use and mentally build on every day.

At the age of 18, I began studying for my Private Pilot Licence (PPL) in the town of Creil, which is just north of Paris. It is a military based organisation and it was here that I met with the best instructor I have ever had, Bernard Borella, who I will go on to explain more about later in the article. Once completing my PPL, I was fortunate enough to gain some experience flying a Mudry CAP 10 and partaking in some aerobatic flying. It was an amazing feeling and experience!

At FTA, we have some of the best instructors in the industry, with a vast range of knowledge, expertise and attention to detail. Here we spoke to one of our advanced instructors, Jerome, about his journey to becoming a pilot and just why FTA is such a unique flying school.

After finishing my work as an ‘Aircraft Engineer’, I then decided that I wanted to move into Commercial Pilot Training. I began by studying my ATPL theory exams via distance learning, whilst also moving to Oxford to learn English. It was quite a challenge doing both at the same time I must say!

Once completing my ATPLs, I decided to move further down South and begin my Commercial flight training at BCFT in Bournemouth. We also do a lot of Instrument training at Bournemouth with FTA and it is a beautiful part of the country. It was during my training that I realised the thing that I most wanted to do was to become a flight instructor – I wanted to give back to the students what my instructors gave to me.

I initially worked for BCFT instructing across their various syllabuses and then moved over to FTA in December 2015. I am able to teach across all phases of FTAs training as an advanced instructor. I can do PPL, CPL, Night Rating, MEP and IR instructing. I recently became a flight examiner as well, which was an amazing achievement for me and has allowed me to diversify and enjoy even more aspects of instructing. It’s great for me to continue learning and studying! Over my flying career I have flown 18 different types of aircraft, including my own Cessna 172 based in Bournemouth that I share with my old student.

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Pilot Stories : Thibault goes to work for Ryanair

Alexandra O'Loughlin15 Feb 2017

We recently caught up with former FTA student Thibault Irénée, who graduated on our Modular course back in 2016. After securing a job with Ryanair, we spoke to Thibault about the exciting career he has embarked on and how training at FTA helped him follow the pathway to success.

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Aviation Jargon

Alexandra O'Loughlin06 Feb 2017

Aviation, like so many other industries, has its own use of jargon. These are words that are designed to be specific to people within the chosen industry or field they operate within. It can be easy for aviation enthusiasts to forget that terms such as an ‘ILS’ or ‘Waypoint’ are not common place to those outside of aviation. Below we have decrypted some of the jargon we use for a bit of fun and to widen people’s knowledge over the different terminology that has become second nature to us:

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