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FTA upgrades DA42 Simulator for enhanced student experience

Alexandra O'Loughlin06 Apr 2017



We have recently made significant upgrades to our Diamond DA42 Simulator; ensuring that our students get the very most of their training. The upgrades to the DA42 simulator are part of FTA’s continuous investment in the training fleet. Since our inception in 2006, we have increased our holding of Diamond aircraft which, as it currently stands, accounts for around 10% of Diamond’s UK-based aircraft.

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Exam lifehacks - Tips for studying toward your school or college exams

Alexandra O'Loughlin03 Apr 2017

Exam study tips:

Are you revising for your exams at the moment - or perhaps thinking about starting? We found a useful infographic with information on how to prepare for your exams. Enjoy!

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Posted in: exam preparation, study tips, revision advice

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