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Work hard, be committed and focus on the final goal; that right hand seat in the cockpit

Alexandra O'Loughlin20 Sep 2017

We spoke to integrated student Julie about her journey to becoming a pilot. 

Within minutes of meeting with Julie, it’s easy to see why she is training with the flight school today. Julie went solo in 10 hours and has already proven her ability as a strong pilot with great promise.

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Accommodation - What is it like to live on the Sussex Coast?

Alexandra O'Loughlin13 Sep 2017


There are so many factors to take into considering flight training, such as location, pricing and fleet of aircraft. However, accommodation is another commodity that is just as important when it comes to finding the right school for you. According to Maslow's famed hierarchy of needs, accommodation comes under part of one's 'Physiological needs', which are the basic needs that form the base of the pyramid. It is from here that other things such as self esteem, belongingness and safety are built upon and therefore plays an integral role in providing well being for students. 

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Who is recruiting 'low hour' Pilots?

Alexandra O'Loughlin06 Sep 2017

A big question that is always on a lot of people's minds when thinking about commencing their Pilot training is 'What is the likelihood of getting a job at the end of the process?' With things like financing to take into consideration, taking the big step to follow your dream can be quite a daunting prospect without concrete guarantees. Fear not however; there are plenty of opportunities awaiting you!

With the likes of Boeing and Airbus predicting a huge increase in demand for Pilots, the opportunities for low hour Pilots are only going to become more expansive. With our recent alliance with companies such as Virtual Aviation and Kura Aviation, we are constantly looking at mitigating the risks associated with training and also bridging the gap between training and gaining that all important position as a 'First Officer'.

We have compiled a small sample of the current opportunities that are available for Low Hour Pilots and it is worth mentioning that there are a lot more positions available, not just within the Airline industry (Information accurate at time of publishing):

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Setting off to a flying start: Yousaf

Alexandra O'Loughlin06 Sep 2017

Another student currently taking advantage of the fantastic facilities at our Satellite Campus in Teruel is Yousaf Nasar. Along with Aman, Yousaf has also recently completed his first Progress Test and is well on his way to completing the third phase of his training, before coming back to Brighton City Airport to complete his ATPL Theory exams. We spent some time with Yousaf to talk about his training so far:

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