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Life As A Pilot: FTA Summer Sessions

Lottie Watt26 May 2021

On Sunday the 23rd of May, we launched our ‘Life As A Pilot: FTA Summer Sessions’. We are pleased to say that the event was a great success. It was rated 5* in all reviews and we received feedback that ‘the seminars were delivered in a fun and professional way’, our students were ‘delightful to speak to’, and that the event was both useful and informative.   

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Sussex-based flight school announce record-breaking flight total for second consecutive month!

Alexandra O'Loughlin25 May 2021

Last year, the UK weather was amazing, and 2021 has been no different. In the past two months, our students have collectively accumulated the highest number of flying hours the company has ever seen. The total hours for March and April 2021 were double that of the same time last year - and indeed the summer of any year! 

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This weekend we will run our first ever ‘open afternoon’.

Alexandra O'Loughlin21 May 2021

The recent relaxation of government guidelines has meant that we can welcome students to attend our first ever ‘open afternoon’. We offer weekly tours of our campus, and this event aims to offer the same expertise and insight that is delivered to prospective studentssimply on a slightly larger scale.  

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Five step guide to preparing for your pilot training

Lottie Watt12 May 2021

Congratulations on choosing to become a commercial pilot. As exciting as it is, we know the training can be very daunting. We have put together a guide to help you prepare for your training. 

Follow our five step guide to place you in the best possible position for your first day at flight school. Whether you're enrolling on an integrated programme, or studying via the modular route, the core essentials for embarking on your commercial pilot training are the same.   

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