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A flying start: FTA Global flight school lands Brighton University partnership to deliver pilot licence training

Charlotte Berrystone06 Jul 2022

New course starting in September 2022 offers training towards a private pilot licence for single engine aircraft - a stepping stone to a commercial pilot career.

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FTA Celebrates over 100 Dual-Licensed Students through its doors!

Charlotte Berrystone06 Jul 2022

From the 1st January 2021, FTA Global have taken advantage of their unique location on the south coast of the UK to allow students to maximise their employability by training for dual EASA and UK CAA licensing at no extra financial cost.

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FTA Fantasy Wings Bursary Awarded at the Fantasy Wings Annual Conference!

Charlotte Berrystone04 Jul 2022

FTA Global awarded a £10,000 Bursary to one lucky winner at this year's Fantasy Wings Annual Conference.

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