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CAA change ATPL exams - 2017

Alexandra O'Loughlin11 Jul 2017 Posted in: theory, caa, ATPL exams, atpl training

The CAA announced in 2017 that the 14 theoretical knowledge exams, required in order to attain a commercial licence were to change.  

A new system called ‘Quadrant’ has been implemented and this affects how you answer the exam questions. 

What did the CAA change?

The answers used to be all multiple choice, now there are four different styles of question: 

  • Multiple choice – the candidate selects the correct answer from four possible options. 
  • Multi-select – the candidate selects the correct group of options in the answer. 
  • Inline – involves completing a sentence by selecting the correct word, number or both from a dropdown list. 
  • Text – the candidate must type in the correct answer. This will typically be when extracting data from a table or chart or calculation-based questions. 

The CAA have released a video to show you how the new system works which you can view on YouTube: 


Before rolling out the chances, the CAA stated that all questions would be reviewed to ensure their suitability for delivery in this manner. They assured pilots that they had these provision sin place to make sure they do not disadvantage the candidate. They also confirmed they will monitor candidates’ comments made during and at the end of each exam to identify questions that may require amending or withdrawing. 

More information about the CAA exam rules and how to register or book an e-exam is available on the CAA website: www.caa.co.uk 

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