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EASA/CAA licence option for all 2021 Integrated (FDP) students

Alexandra O'Loughlin05 Jul 2021 Posted in: caa, 2021, EASA, Pilots licence

All those that enrol on our 2021 Flight Deck Programme will have the option to complete training for either a CAA licence, an EASA licence, or both, all included in the standard course fee (£87,950).

We secured the necessary approvals earlier this year and are pleased to be one of the only UK-based institutions with this option.  

Those that want to complete both a CAA and EASA licence will need to sit ATPL exams at both the CAA and EASA exams centres as well as an additional IR skill test. This is because the EASA regulations state that the Instrument Rating (IR) skill test must be conducted in EU airspace. FTA’s proximity to France means that not only the IR skill test, but also acclimatisation flights can be conducted in the continent.

We are also offering the same cohort of 2021 students, the ability to renew the MEP and IR rating at half the usual price*. Sean Jacob explains “Students are at the centre of everything we do and that includes our alumni. Offering the ability to protect their investment at a discounted price was a natural decision.” 

We upgraded our Flight Deck Programme for 2021, extending ground school from six to nine months, adding computer-based training, uniform, first attempts at exams an Apple iPad and David Clarke headset.

We welcomed our first 2021 intake of FDP students last month and look forward to welcoming more in September and December. We encourage those in interested in the September start date to sign up this month. This is so you can access introductory modules of the Padpilot now, and spend the summer accessing important content ready for day one.

Those that wish to complete a the EASA and UK CAA licence will need to possess a CAA and EASA aeromedical. Aspiring pilots can complete such aeromedicals at Centreline Aviation Medical Services, based in London. 

If you have any questions about any of our programmes, we welcome you get in touch. Personalised tours of the campus are available on request and we are holding a number of open afternoons throughout the summer. Click here to learn more. 

*Terms and conditions apply. Please contact us for more information. 


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