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Five fantastic things to do with your private pilot licence (PPL)

Emily Clayden05 Jun 2018 Posted in: pilot training, PPL, pilot, flying lesson, pilot school

Congratulations! If you’re reading this blog post you must have obtained your Private Pilot Licence, so well done. Now is your chance to take full advantage of your wonderful achievement and do these 5 fantastic things…

1. Build your confidence and build your flying hours 

You have finally received your certificate and you now have a Private Pilot Licence! The very first thing you should do is begin consolidating what you have been taught. You must keep on top of your practical skills and regularly keep flying in order to gain more confidence. The more flying hours you can get, the more experience you will have under your belt and the more confident you will begin to feel.

2. Become a flying tour guide to your loved ones

All of the time you’re learning to fly, studying for exams and memorising check-lists your family and friends unfortunately have to take a back seat. This isn’t surprising considering the pilot career path is a tough one to crack. However, now that you’re qualified this is the best time to show off your new skills to your loved ones. Try to learn a little about the area you are flying over so you can act like a “tour guide” when you feel confident enough to take your loved ones airborne with you. Not only will they be impressed with your magnificent flying skills but you can also educate them with some facts about the surrounding areas.

3. Join a flying club

It is unlikely that you will be able to afford your own aircraft straight away, therefore joining a flying club would be a great idea for you to access some flying time. Becoming a member of an aviation club enables you to spread out the costs of flying and operating an aircraft, thus making flying a lot more accessible and affordable to you. Additionally, you will be surrounded by like-minded flying enthusiasts and you may even get the chance to make some worthwhile connections within the aviation industry.

4. Learn some aerobatics

If you’re confident enough with normal flying, why not try to learn some aerobatic skills? After you get your PPL you may want to book in a series of aerobatic lessons with an instructor. Aerobatics consist of flying stunts such as; loops, turns and barrel rolls. Learning these new and exciting skills will boost your adrenaline within a flight and make flying even more exhilarating!

5. Completely absorb yourself in the aviation world

Try to visit some different and obscure airfields - do some prior research and see if there anything else you can do there, such as tourist attractions, beside landing and taking off again. Check the notice boards at your local airfields, you may find you can participate in some alternate aviation activities such as fly-ins, air rallies and club excursions. Why not sign up to some popular aviation magazines or blogs? This way you will always be the first to know about any new trends or exciting events within the flying world. 


Lastly, and most importantly, remember to keep enjoying flying however you approach doing it! 


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