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FTA Fantasy Wings Bursary Awarded at the Fantasy Wings Annual Conference!

Charlotte Berrystone04 Jul 2022

FTA Global awarded a £10,000 Bursary to one lucky winner at this year's Fantasy Wings Annual Conference.

On Saturday 2nd July, Fantasy Wings held their Annual Conference at St Mary’s Venue in Central London. 600 Fantasy Wings Participants attended the event which was hosted by Fantasy Wing founder Jackson Smith. The event was held to mark the end of the 2021 – 2022 cohort of Fantasy Wings Participants and is aimed at increasing diversity in the Aviation Industry.

Participants were treated to a day of talks from industry leaders who shared their experiences with the attentive crowd including Lisa Tremble (Director of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability at British Airways), David Geer (Senior Vice President Operations at Virgin Atlantic), Derek Haynes (Senior Captain Virgin Atlantic), Chris Brown (Training Captain & Examiner EasyJet) and a host of inspirational Captains, First Officers and Instructors.

FTA Global’s very own Sean Jacob spoke to the audience about the dedication and commitment required to complete your flight training to the room of diverse aviation lovers who will, in no doubt, become the next generation of industry leaders.

Sean and Jordon Smith

FTA were delighted to award this year’s FTA & Fantasy Wings Bursary to Jordon Smith in recognition of his drive and determination to become a pilot. FTA also reaffirmed discounts across its entire package of professional pilot training courses to all Fantasy Wings Participants to try and assist diverse and under-represented social groups to overcome the high financial barrier to entry that the aviation industry has placed on its pilots of tomorrow. Additionally, Sean Jacob announced that next year, FTA will commit to providing £30,000 worth of Bursaries to Fantasy Wing’s participants in the form of three £10,000 awards.

Sean Jacob, Managing Director, FTA says “We are a flight school open to all, providing opportunities to students of all nationalities, from a variety of backgrounds. We’re delighted to award the FTA & Fantasy Wings Bursary to Jordan Smith for his drive and determination to become a pilot as well as our continued discount across our entire spectrum of training provision to all Fantasy Wings Participants, new and old, to increase the diversity of our industry and go some way to break down the huge financial barrier to entry that is placed on its future pilots. We hope this opens up even more opportunities for women and those in underrepresented communities to access more training and jobs in the commercial airline industry.”

Jackson Smith, Founder and Managing Director, Fantasy Wings, says “Our partnership with FTA is a key step in the right direction when it comes to addressing a number of important barriers to diversity within the Pilot / Aviation industry. Fantasy Wings was created to address the lack of diversity and inclusivity within the Airline Pilot / Aviation sector. We provide young people with crucial insight and knowledge development that allows them to go off and have successful and satisfying careers within the industry. It is great that through our partnership with FTA, our young people will have some of the financial restraints of training eased which is a key step forward in making the industry more diverse and representative. We look forward to this being a long and successful partnership between FTA and Fantasy Wings’.

St Marys Venue London

Find out more about FTA’s training programmes and course availability here: www.fta-global.com

Find out more about Fantasy Wings here: Fantasy Wings - Introducing Diversity to Aviation


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