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How can I convert my MPL?

Alexandra O'Loughlin26 Sep 2020 Posted in: integrated pilot training, MPL

We are proud to offer the most comprehensive range modular programmes and packages in the UK.

If you have enrolled on a Multi-pilot licence (MPL) programme and have been unable to complete your training, or are looking to find an alternative provider, we can help.

The exams you have passed and the hours you have flown are yours, and when you transfer to another flight school, so does your training record. If you are not happy, you can move somewhere where you are, as Sean Jacob, Managing Director for FTA Global explains:

 "It is unfortunate that we are increasingly meeting more and more trainee pilots who are dissatisfied with their flight school.

Students are at the heart of everything we do, and we are proud to offer customised training programmes which are tailored to the individual, together with the assurance of an extremely high level of instruction in an ideal location".

We have extensive experience in delivering both modular and integrated commercial pilot training and all our training is completed in the UK - so no need to travel abroad.

If you have finished, or are midway through your MPL training programme, we can identify what training needs to be completed, and the most cost-effective way that it can be delivered.

The main complexity with transferring from an MPL to a standard fATPL or ME CPL course is the stage you are at with your flight instruction. If you have already completed an MPL and wish to transfer to a licence that makes you more employable, you will need to complete:
  • A Multi-Engine Piston Rating (only required if you do not have one).
  • Instrument Rating (IR) - training as necessary
  • Multi-Engine Commercial Pilot's Licence (ME CPL) - full course

To learn more about the training you are required to complete you can either visit the CAA website, or click here for details about current MPL legislation. 

If however, you would like to discuss your options we are happy to help. Quotes regarding training and needs are evaluated on a case by case basis. To help us process your personalised quote, please enter your contact details and training information in the following form: MPL Conversion/Transfer.

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