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This weekend we will run our first ever ‘open afternoon’.

Alexandra O'Loughlin21 May 2021

The recent relaxation of government guidelines has meant that we can welcome students to attend our first ever ‘open afternoon’. We offer weekly tours of our campus, and this event aims to offer the same expertise and insight that is delivered to prospective studentssimply on a slightly larger scale.  

Visitor numbers are strictly limited and social distancing guidelines will be observed to ensure the safeguarding of everyone involved in the event.  

FTA instructors, graduates and students will share their experience and success stories with the next generation of trainee pilots. Knowing first-hand what a difficult decision it can be to choose the right school and course, the students are keen to help others make the best and most informed choice.    

This year marks our 15th year of operations and we are all very excited about the years to come. Head of Training Phil Jones explains: “We’ve been so impressed with how our staff and students have adapted throughout the pandemic. Whilst disruption to training has been inevitable everyone has used their time effectively and continued to deliver the high standards and results we are recognised for. As one of the only UK-based ATOs to offer both EASA and CAA training, we know that we will continue to attract students with high aspirations”. 

Over the last 18 months we have invested more than ever before in our flight school. We have increased our instruction team, aircraft, classrooms and refurbished all our facilities.  

Following a strong 2020 with all programmes fully booked, we remain confident in a bright future. Our integrated programmes continue to prove popular with students keen to qualify in time for the industry’s resurgence to pre-Covid highs.  

Those interested in attending this weekend’s event or any subsequent event over the summer can register online here.  

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