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Top 10 interesting facts about aviation

Charlotte Berrystone11 Nov 2017 Posted in: FTA, News, airlines, pilot, be a pilot, women in aviation

1. The world’s busiest commercial airport 

Taking the top spot for another year, the world’s busiest commercial airport is Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta (ATL). The airport was visited by just over 100 million passengers last year and has been the world’s busiest airport since 1998! The biggest airline operating at Atlanta is Delta. In the UK, Heathrow Airport takes the lead with around 75 million passengers, making it the 7th most visited airport in the world.

2. 1.5 litres of water 

A scientific fact – our human bodies can shed up to 1.5 litres of water whilst flying in the air for an average 3 hours. This is due to dehydration where we are spending a certain amount of time in a reduced oxygen environment. Remember to drink lots of water when flying!

3. Longest flight in the world 

With a large majority of people preferring to take direct flights, many airlines are completing to have the official world’s longest flight. Currently, the world’s longest flight is Qatar Airways route between Doha and Auckland, New Zealand. The 9,032 mile trip takes nearly 17 hours and is flown by four rotating pilots. In addition, the competition never stops with Qantas Airways announcing this summer plans to launch the longest flight in the world. Launching in March 2018, the non-stop flight will take place from Perth to London using the 787-9 Dreamliner.

4. Dim lights 

A question that often gets asked when landing is why do cabin crews dim the lights? Not only is it a security preparation but is a precautionary measure for passengers. Dimming the lights allows passengers eyes to adjust to the darkness as well as make emergency path lighting and signs more visible.

5. In 2017, India born Anny Divya, became the youngest commander of a Boeing 777 captain in the world 

In an interview to the world’s press, Anny described how a scholarship helped her to complete her training aged just 19. She worked her way through the ranks and had the chance to take command of a 737 but decided to hang out ‘a bit longer’ for the 777. Divya encourages other women to go after their goals, saying "all women should pursue their dreams, especially right now".

6. The Boeing 747 

The Boeing 747 is one of the most well known and loved commercial airliner in the world. A fact about this jumbo jet that it is made up of six million parts! The parts are from all over the world and takes around 4 months to build.

7. Business class 

Whilst many airlines feature a business class, Qantas Airways were the first to invent and introduce the class in 1979! Soon after, the world saw an expansion of business classes on major airlines such as British Airways and American Airlines.

8. Fear of flying 

Around 20% of the population have a fear of flying. Yes, 1 in 5 people have a fear we call aviophobia. Why? This is often linked with a fear of heights and results in a lot of people never getting on a plane. Airlines do their best to ensure that passengers are in the safest conditions when flying. EasyJet launched a fearless flyer campaign to help people overcome their fears of flying. The course involves talks about the technical side of flying as well as offering techniques to overcome it.

9. Check-in 

The first ever internet and online check in was introduced by Alaska Airlines in 1999. The option to check in online is used by all airlines and is often open 24 hours before your flight departure. Checking in online is an easy way of saving time instead of rushing to the airport super early. Airlines introduced this feature to help their passengers have a smoother journey. You can check-in online on any device such as a mobile phone, laptop or tablet.

10. Pilots eat a different meal 

Yes this is true. One rule imposed by a majority of airlines is that pilots must eat a different meal to their co-pilots. Why? This is due to reducing the chances of getting ill on-board or having food poisoning. Airlines do their best to make sure their crew are 100% fit and healthy when flying.

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