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FTA Open Day

Josiah Kirpalani22 Mar 2022

We hosted our FTA Open Day on Saturday which was a great success; including a seminar hosted by a TUI Captain.

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That's a wrap - the last event of the summer was a massive success!

Alexandra O'Loughlin27 Aug 2021

Last weekend we ran our final open afternoon of the summer. These events were organised with the sole aim of informing aspiring pilots everything they need to know about life as a pilot. 

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Jake talks about the importance of friendship and perseverance during a pandemic

Alexandra O'Loughlin29 Jul 2021

We caught up with Jake last year to see how he was finding the training amidst the pandemic. He is enrolled on our Integrated Flight Deck Programme and is on target to complete his training this year. 

When did you start your training and what stage are you at now?

When I enrolled, we started with three weeks foundation which is kind of basic theory of what you do in ground school. After foundation theory you then go straight into ground school. FTA extended the ground school from 6 months to 9 months after I enrolled, so I should hopefully be finished by December 2021. Having finished ground school, I’m now flying and currently in the final phase which includes your CPL skills test and IR (instrument rating). 

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The number of pilot licences issued has fallen to its lowest number in a decade!

Alexandra O'Loughlin19 Jul 2021

Data recently supplied by the UK Civil Aviation Authority has confirmed that the number of people who were issued a commercial pilot’s licence in 2020, was 71% lower, just 262, compared with 906 in 2011. The picture for PPL licences was also very low, falling to almost half the 2011 total.  

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EASA/CAA licence option for all 2021 Integrated (FDP) students

Alexandra O'Loughlin05 Jul 2021

All those that enrol on our 2021 Flight Deck Programme will have the option to complete training for either a CAA licence, an EASA licence, or both, all included in the standard course fee (£87,950).

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Perfect post-PPL solution available for Summer 2021 start

Alexandra O'Loughlin25 Jun 2021

Earlier this year we launched the perfect training package for those who have already started their flight training. If you have already completed your PPL, Night Rating and built sufficient hours, you can enrol with FTA and complete the entirety of your commercial flight training. 

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Our top 5 reasons to enrol on our Integrated Flight Deck Programme (FDP) this year

Alexandra O'Loughlin25 Jun 2021
We were delighted to welcome our new FDP students on 21 June. It really is a fantastic time of year to start. With covid-19 cases and hospitalisations on the decrease, our students can enjoy the closest thing to a 'normal' training experience that's been possible for over 12 months. 

Our classes are small, and students are socially distanced in lessons, and flight operations. With theoretical instruction delivered onsite, students can enjoy interactive classes with in-person student engagement and create friendships that will last a lifetime. 

With our June enrolment complete we now look to our September start date which is 20th of the month. September has always been the most popular month to enrol on our integrated course. Students have spent the last 13 years in class, like to make the most of their summer holidays. Read on for our ‘top five reasons to enrol on our FDP’ this year:

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Life As A Pilot: FTA Summer Sessions

Lottie Watt26 May 2021

On Sunday the 23rd of May, we launched our ‘Life As A Pilot: FTA Summer Sessions’. We are pleased to say that the event was a great success. It was rated 5* in all reviews and we received feedback that ‘the seminars were delivered in a fun and professional way’, our students were ‘delightful to speak to’, and that the event was both useful and informative.   

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Sussex-based flight school announce record-breaking flight total for second consecutive month!

Alexandra O'Loughlin25 May 2021

Last year, the UK weather was amazing, and 2021 has been no different. In the past two months, our students have collectively accumulated the highest number of flying hours the company has ever seen. The total hours for March and April 2021 were double that of the same time last year - and indeed the summer of any year! 

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FTA to acquire Red Arrow fleet for  flight training?

Sean Jacob01 Apr 2021

Following recent announcements regarding the possible contraction of Britain’s armed forces, we will be making the most of the MOD's plans to consolidate equipment.

With the Royal Air Force exploring options to replace the Hawk T1 aircraft used by its world-famous aerobatic display team, the Red Arrows, with a more eco-friendly alternative (we understand the MOD are in discussions with Rolls Royce about utilising its new electric trainer), FTA is optimistic that all eleven of the retired Red Arrow aircraft will soon be lined up on the apron outside of Brighton City Airport’s iconic terminal building.

FTA has agreed to keep the aircraft’s dramatic red paint scheme ( the RAF’s new aircraft are rumoured to have a green finish, reflecting their new focus on minimising environmental impact), whilst incorporating the FTA logo. Although instructors will not have a single aircraft assigned to them, the option for a digital display, showing the instructor’s name and that of the student, is being investigated.

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