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New funding for commercial pilot training

Rosie Williams12 Jun 2015

FTA Announces New Funding for Commercial Pilot Training

FTA demonstrates further commitment to making pilot training more accessible.

FTA has launched new funding for their commercial pilot training courses, in conjunction with The Loan Partnership (TLP), in a further commitment to making pilot training more accessible for more people. A recent FTA survey, carried out at the Professional Flight Training Exhibition, highlighted finance as the main barrier to prospective pilots, preventing them from making their dream career come true. Over 50% of survey respondents stated that cost is a major factor when considering pilot training. In response, FTA has launched a secured loan through TLP; who in turn will process all finance applications and award qualifying loans through Shawbrook Bank, a listed, specialist lending and savings bank, which is fully regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). The secured loan can be used by parents of students who are applying for the Integrated Flight Deck Programme or the Economy Integrated Flight Deck Programme, either with or without the Buckinghamshire New University degree option.

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