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FTA to acquire Red Arrow fleet for  flight training?

Sean Jacob01 Apr 2021

Following recent announcements regarding the possible contraction of Britain’s armed forces, we will be making the most of the MOD's plans to consolidate equipment.

With the Royal Air Force exploring options to replace the Hawk T1 aircraft used by its world-famous aerobatic display team, the Red Arrows, with a more eco-friendly alternative (we understand the MOD are in discussions with Rolls Royce about utilising its new electric trainer), FTA is optimistic that all eleven of the retired Red Arrow aircraft will soon be lined up on the apron outside of Brighton City Airport’s iconic terminal building.

FTA has agreed to keep the aircraft’s dramatic red paint scheme ( the RAF’s new aircraft are rumoured to have a green finish, reflecting their new focus on minimising environmental impact), whilst incorporating the FTA logo. Although instructors will not have a single aircraft assigned to them, the option for a digital display, showing the instructor’s name and that of the student, is being investigated.

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