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New hour building package now available

Alexandra O'Loughlin11 Sep 2020

We are very excited to offer a new hour building package for all modular students.

This hour building package is available on both a Piper PA28 and Diamond DA40 – perfect for those eager to complete their hours ready for the next phase of their flight training.

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Alexandra O'Loughlin07 Nov 2018

We are now back and well recovered from one of the industry's biggest pilot training events - Pilot Careers Live.

This November's event was spread over two days and we spoke to more students than ever before about commercial pilot training.

The event's seminar programme offered a great insight into what pilot training involves, such gaining your class 1 medical, what APS/MCC means and advice from airlines and first officers in the industry.

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Five fantastic things to do with your private pilot licence (PPL)

Emily Clayden05 Jun 2018

Congratulations! If you’re reading this blog post you must have obtained your Private Pilot Licence, so well done. Now is your chance to take full advantage of your wonderful achievement and do these 5 fantastic things…

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Cadet Davide, offers great advice to those considering pilot training at FTA

Emily Clayden11 Oct 2016

We had a Q&A session with our FTA cadet, Davide Priamo, to try and discover what motivated him to start the journey to become a pilot, why he chose FTA as his preferred flight school and what aspiration he has for the future...

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Q&A : FTA Competition Winner Takes Flight

Rosie Williams15 Jul 2015

Molly Sanderson, winner of FTA's survey competition at the Virgin Future Flyers and Expert Engineers back in January, came to FTA recently for her free 60-minute flight lesson. Read her Question & Answer session...


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