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Quick fire question and answer session with Jet MASTERCLASS' Directors Rob Bleker and Frank Jukes...

Alexandra O'Loughlin05 Jul 2019

1. What are the common issues you see during simulator training?

Some of the issues we witness can be found above, but other notable issues can stem from an over-eagerness to impress. Students that are keen to excel in the simulator can sometimes try to point score against their peers, or fail to listen, and therefore fail to comprehend essential teaching points. These behaviours do not reflect well on the candidate and will be picked up by a pilot recruiter during a simulator or group assessment.

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Flight Instructor Story : Gary Heron - MCC Manager

Rosie Williams19 Feb 2015

We had the great opportunity of sitting down with Gary Heron - Chief Synthetic Flight Instructor at FTA to discuss his role and the importance of the MCC (Multi Crew Cooperation) element of commercial pilot training.

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