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    Enhanced ATPL Theory Course

    We now deliver ATPL Theory over nine months. The course is the only residential ATPL Theory programme of its kind in the UK. 

    We use two different software packages: A computer-based (CBT) learning and padpilot e-learning materials.

    This is in addition to the class room-based instruction.

    Learn more about our enhanced ATPL Theory Course here.


    Warm and transparent school

    Tours of our school take place every Thursday at 10am. These are the perfect opportunity to see FTA on a normal working day. You get to see our aircraft fleet, classrooms, simulators and operations room.

    You will also meet our wonderful students and instructors and can ask lots of questions!


    Preparation for the airlines

    We support our students with job applications, interviews and assessments with specialist workshops. This includes competency & technical interviews, group exercises, numerical, verbal & technical reasoning, sim assessments CV & cover note writing.

    10-numberEmployment prospects

    Our most recent employment stats showed that over 90% of students who completed their course with us in 2018, secured a role with an airline within 12 months.

    13-numberStudent events

    We understand that pilot training can be intense and time consuming, so we like to make sure that there is still the social aspect between all students throughout the year.

    Our Marketing & Student Services team work all year round putting on events for our students to relax and have great experiences.


    Revalidations and renewals

    FTA offers a range of revalidations and renewals to suit those with a Private Pilot Licence (PPL) and aspiring Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) students.

    We’re proud that our first-time pass rates for renewals and revalidations is nearly 100%.


    Student Collective

    This year, we launched our FTA Student Collective. The purpose of the Student Collective is to promote the interest, education, training and welfare of students.

    The Student Collective aims to put forward the ideas, suggestions and comments from the student body to FTA Management on a regular basis, and then to feedback the results and considerations to the student body as a whole. 


    FTA's investment in the School

    We are one of the only flight training academies to offer 100% of its integrated flight training in the UK. 

    Over last three years, we have:

    • increased our training fleet
    • increased our instructor team
    • expanded our ATPL programme
    • increased our learning resources
    • centralised our operations.


    Training at a busy airport


    Brighton City Airport was founded in 1910. It is the oldest continuous licensed airport in the UK.

    FTA students fly our state-of-the-art fleet of DA40 Star and DA42 Twin Star aircraft, which feature EFIS, ADC, FADEC and GNSS instruments which are found in modern airliners.


    High standards


    Our high standards include our first-time series pass rate.We do all we can to ensure our students achieve first-time pass rates with our excellent training.

    Our recent statistic showed that 1st series passes for 100% of our Modular CPL students.

    11-numberAlumni outreach

    We don't place students, they place themselves - graduates from FTA fly for companies across the globe. Read more our students are doing now on our website here. 

    13-numberExcellent instructors

    We are delighted to offer some of the best flight training in the UK due to our excellent instructors. Every day is different for our instructors who ensure our students meet the highest standards possible. All our staff and Instructors work to help our students achieve the best results.



    We are based at Brighton City Airport in Sussex, UK where all our flight training is completed.

    Our only off-site training facility is Jet Masterclass, our partner  organisation that complete our MCC/JOC.

    The airport is close to controlled airspace in and around London. 


    Great training fleet

    Our fleet comprises of both single-engine piston (SEP) and multi-engine piston (MEP) aircraft – all maintained in accordance with and stringent EASA regulations.

    Our Diamond aircraft feature the same systems as those found in today’s commercial airliners including: Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC); Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS); Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS).



    Excellent reputation


    Since 2006 our goal has been to deliver the best flight training with the best instructors, at the best airport in the best aircraft. This vision stays true today.

    We base our approach on the following principles:

    • Students come first
    • Be open to all
    • Respect the profession
    • Invest in what matters
    • Aim for first-time passes
    • Everyone is different.


    Competitive price


    We are proud to offer the best value commercial training in the industry.

    We do not believe that your flight training should cost over £100,000. Our effective planning enables is to offer our courses at a competitive rate. This is without detriment to the quality and prestige of the course.


    Support with study

    Pilot training is about much more than the aircraft you fly, who instructs you and where you learn. 

    Our Student Services Team, are dedicated to helping you get the very most out of your experience.

    12-numberStudent recommended

    Many of our students are referred to us by a friend.

    In a recent poll we conducted found that 25% of our students heard about us through student recommendation.


    Modular options

    Modular training allows you to go from Zero to Frozen ATPL, but you set the pace. Pilots complete several individual courses until all the necessary qualifications, licences and ratings have been attained. Read about our all our modular programmes here. 


    Computer-based training (CBT)

    The decision was made to extend our ATPL Theory course following instructor and student feedback. The new course programme will include an additional computer-based (CBT) learning package, which will support students with self-study.