FTA are pleased to announce Integrated Lite - OUR NEW TRAINING PROGRAMME

Our Integrated Lite Programme is the perfect alternative to our Integrated Flight Deck Programme and should be considered by students who want to take an integrated course but want to keep their career options open for as long as possible. It offers a basic 'no frills' package of exceptional standard which will deliver training from zero hours to MEP, MECPL, MEIR, without modules that are more tailored to the Commercial Airline Pilot candidate. At the end of their programme, our Integrated Lite students will have the option to specialise in different pathways including the Airline specific modules or Flight Instruction (both commercial and private) as well as using their Commercial Pilot Licence as a pilot in other parts of the aviation industry.


course price: £74,500 (including vat)


What's included?

  • Flight training from zero hours to MEP, MECPL & MEIR.

  • Full visibility of your training record using our online scheduling software, FlightLogger.

  • Efficient scheduling in our Piper and Diamond Aircraft to ensure flight training consistency through the course.

  • 100% UK-based flight and theoretical instruction.

  • ATPL theoretical instruction over nine months using leading Padpilot eBooks.

  • Support from a dedicated student welfare assistant to ensure that all your accommodation and non-academic needs are covered.

  • Access to the Student Voice - a representative student body to ensure a feedback mechanism for the duration of your course.

  • Expert flight instruction from experienced, standardised instructors.

  • Course landing fees, approach fees, fuel, all single licence first time exams, all single licence first time flight tests.

  • Digital Books and Jeppesen Charts.

  • Uniform.


payment terms:

An initial payment of £10,000 is required to secure your place and then the balance of your fees are paid over 18 months in equal instalments of £3,583.33. 

What's NOT included, but can be added to the Integrated Lite Programme at an additional cost?

  • Dual Licencing*

  • Equipment Pack (iPad, Headset, Pilot Bag, CPR5) **
  • An elite pilot enhanced MCC (APS MCC) - delivered by our specialist partners Jet MASTERCLASS.
  • Airline preparation – including CV and Interview workshops

  • Advanced Upset Prevention Recovery Training (UPRT)

  • Flight Instructor Course

    *  If the student wishes to add Dual Licencing to the Integrated Lite Package, they must inform the school BEFORE starting the course.  

    ** This equipment will have to be purchased or obtained separately. 


start dates:

12 DECEMBER 2022

20 MARCH 2023

12 JUNE 2023




Our Integrated Flight Deck Programme is tailored to the Commercial Aviation Industry provides the most advanced pilot training programme the industry has to offer.

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  Integrated Flight Deck Programme Integrated Lite
Theoretical Instruction Included Included
Flight Instruction Included Included
Flights Included Included
Landing Fees Included Included
Approach Fees Included Included
Fuel Included Included
All First Time Exams Included Included
All First Time Flight Tests Included Included
Digital Books and Jeppesen Charts Included Included
Uniform Included Included
Charts Included Included
Dual Licencing Included Not Included
MCC / APS Included Not Included
Advance UPRT Included Not Included
Airline Preparation Included Not Included
CV Workshops Included Not Included
Equipment Pack  Included Not Included


flying first option:

FTA Global is introducing a new ‘Flight Line First’ option to its Integrated Flight Deck Programme, allowing cadets more control over the order of training. Normally students complete 3 weeks of Foundation Training followed by 9 months of ATPL ground school before joining the flight line.  With the new Flying First option, the cadet would complete the three weeks of Foundation Training and then move directly to the flight line for three months before starting their 9 months of ATPL Ground School.  The cadets would then return to the flight line after completing ATPL Theory Ground School.

The ‘Flight Line First’ option is in response to some integrated graduates who felt they would have benefited from some flight experience before their ATPL theory training. This allows students without the benefit of previous flight training, to get some context around some of the big ATPL subjects, including Air Law, Instruments, Meteorology, Performance, Mass and Balance and Principles of Flight.  Three months of flight line training will bring the student to a natural pausing point to go into the classroom. 

Phil Jones, Head of Training at FTA says:

“After receiving feedback from our graduates, we felt we could offer integrated students some flying experience before sitting ATPL Ground School.  Different people have different learning styles, and to be able to offer a ‘flying first’ option can give some ‘hands on’ context to some of the ATPL theory syllabus.  Not everyone will want to do flying first so we feel it is important to offer the option and we believe this option is unique in the UK for an integrated course”.



For further information on our Integrated Lite programme and to request an admission pack, please fill our the form below. A member of our Admissions team will be in touch soon.