Hello - a warm welcome to our international student page!

Our admissions team are responsible for international students on modular programmes and packages of 6 months maximum duration. We have a long tradition of enrolling international students from all over the world, including from the European Union, The Gulf States, South Africa, USA and further afield. 

There is no better place in the country to immerse yourself in the language and culture of life in the UK. Our location on the south coast is perfect for enjoying everything the UK has to offer: the sun, sea, city life and the beautiful British countryside.

The UK is renowned for being the best location in the world for training to become a pilot. 

Please see below for the courses we can deliver in 6 months or less. The following illustration may assist you with understanding how the training fits together, and the modules you need to complete

If you would like a virtual or VIP tour of the school you can book your space here. 


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