Complete your CAA/EASA commercial pilot training at FTA Global. 

    Don't postpone your dream of becoming a commercial pilot. If you're unsure whether an Integrated Flight Deck Programme is a suitable fit for you right now, why not complete all your training with us on a module-by-module basis.

    We have created modular packages to remove the headache of searching for training providers, as well as ensure the best training experience and value. Complete all your ab initio training with us, we will guarantee to hold our current published prices for you for 36 months (period starts from the first day of your PPL).*

    For example, you could complete your Private Pilot's Licence, Night Rating, and some or all of your hour building with us. Then complete either our standalone ATPL Theory or our Advanced Modular Training Package, which includes everything you need to complete your fATPL.

    There are numerous routes to completing your training and if you're in any doubt about what is right for you, contact us to discuss all your options in full. No obligation, just a friendly discussion to identify how best to complete your training for you and your circumstances. 


    You may also find an illustration of the training timelines for modular and integrated training valuable. Please click here to download our PDF.


    Book a tour

    If you would like a virtual tour of the school you can book your space here.

    *36 month period starts from the first day of your PPL. The offer only applies to courses offered directly by FTA Global and therefore not the APS MCC, APS JOC and UPRT programmes. 

    Terms and conditions including deposits are as per each course admission pack. 

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