Did you know that you can transfer from another ATO regardless of whether you're enrolled on an MPL or fATPL programme?

We frequently enrol students who have begun training with another training provider and encountered difficulty or dissatisfaction. More recently, we have transferred students who are midway through an MPL programme with other flight schools.

We will not ask you to complete any training already undertaken, and identify the most cost effective way for you to complete your training, with proposals all approved by the CAA. 

MPL transfer/conversion is appropriate for cadets who have begun or finished their MPL training, and are looking to broaden their prospects and obtain an fATPL or ME-CPL.

What's Included?

This varies depending on which stage of training you are at. If you have completed your MPL, then we provide: 

  • A Multi-Engine Piston Rating (if not already obtained)
  • Instrument Rating 
  • Multi-Engine Commercial Pilot's Licence

If you are in the process of completing your MPL, we would assess you on an individual basis to ensure we can offer the programme best suited to you.

Course fees

These vary depending on which stage of your MPL you are at. Upon application, we will provide you with a quote detailing the costs.

Please complete the form below to express an interest in transferring/converting your MPL.