We caught up with Davide who told us about new job with Ryanair and how he found a job just 3 months after graduating at FTA.



Why did you train to be a pilot? 

I spent most of my childhood travelling on airplanes from the north to south of Italy. In one of those flights I had the opportunity to visit the flight deck and after I looked at all the lights, switches and displays I simply decided I wanted to be a pilot. I was only 5 years-old and after that day I always looked at an airplane like it was the first time.

How did you go about choosing a flying school and what aspects were important to you? 

My high school was aviation related so I knew a little bit about a career as a pilot. I started looking for a school online and I visited some of them to have a better picture. I was looking for a school with high teaching standards, modern and reliable aircraft and good organisation. The costs were also an important factor, so I looked for a good compromise between service and cost.

How did you find out about FTA? 

It was just the luck of the day! I was in Brighton to improve my English language and I visited the airport with a friend. I saw the fleet with some guys wearing uniform so I asked this friend who told me it was a flight school for commercial pilots. After a quick look at FTA's website I booked a tour within a day!

How important was it to choose an integrated programme that delivered all flight training in the UK?

When I was told that FTA offered integrated courses with 100% UK-based training I was surprised. It is not common to find this kind of school in Europe. I realized that the busy airspace, the vicinity of London airports and the weather would ensure my standards are higher than expected.

What qualifications did you take and how did you find the course? 

I chose the Flight Deck Program which is an integrated course and I found it well organized, safe but also very intense and challenging! All positives for me!

How long did it take you to complete the Flight Deck Programme at FTA?

It took me 15 months to complete the full Flight Deck Programme, including the MCC course.

How long did it take from finishing the course to securing your first interview and your first job offer?

I completed my MCC in June 2016 and, including the all assessment process, I was offered a job at Ryanair at the beginning of September 2016, so under 3 months.

How did you hear about the job opportunity with Ryanair? 

I heard from some of my FTA friends that Ryanair was looking for many pilots so I did not wait to apply. My first step now is complete my Type Rating course on the 737-800 and after that I will be a fully qualified first officer, flying different sectors around Europe as part of a multi pilot crew.

Can you briefly outline the application/interview process for the role? 

I applied on the Ryanair airline website and the first response was an email. This was followed by a phone interview to check all my documents were correct and another phone call to book my assessment day. It all happened within three days. The assessment day started with a simulator check, to show my skills, attitude and CRM with another pilot. After that I went for a classic interview with HR, followed by a technical interview.

What are your aviation career goals – what would you like to do in the future?

I would like to grow with my airline and have the possibility to upgrade as a Type Rating Instructor and of course change my seat to the left, as a Captain. I have always loved being part of a group and do my best for the team. If we consider the airline as a huge group, that is what I can do and what I want to do.