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Stellar Exam results recorded for FTA Global despite the pandemic crisis

Alexandra O'Loughlin07 Sep 2020 Posted in: atpl theory

Sussex-based flight school FTA Global has announced excellent pass rates and exam averages. The results are especially impressive given the global crisis and the negative impact it could have had on the staff and students.  

In January this year, the company introduced changes as to how they conduct their theoretical instruction, to deliver a market-leading ATPL course. The company no longer deliver the training over six months. They chose instead to extend the time allocated to nine months, with more time built in for subject consolidation, exam preparation and revision. The changes have proved a resounding success evidenced by their most recent exams, with a first-time pass rate of 97% and an average exam score of 90%. 


The company added computer-based training to the instructor-led tuition to offer an exceptional, blended-learning solution. FTA also use Padpilot’s e-learning resource which has many benefits including accessibility and portability. The students can access the content they need anywhere, on their iPads. 

Both staff and students were consulted on the changes, which have been very positively received by all. The students will be welcomed back to campus in October and will work in smaller class sizes so that social distancing can be enforced. Sean Jacob, FTA’s MD, explains: “There is no genuine substitute for the traditional classroom environment. Whilst it has proved incredibly effective to deliver the training online, our instructors and students are very excited to be returning to the classroom and to a greater level of normality.  

We are very proud of the determination and resilience displayed by all our students throughout these challenging times and congratulate them all on their excellent achievements.” 

The school’s fast and effective response to finding an alternative solution for continuing instruction despite the lockdown was appreciated by all the students: 

"FTA has held their own during these unsettling times and have kept the ball rolling despite it being a monumental task which is a great achievement…It’s been nice pushing forward and being able carrying on with these studies online instead of putting a pause on everything. It's really helped me get through and kept my head up during this pandemic.” - Lewis 

“I think FTA is doing a fantastic job in these challenging times, not only are the instructors keeping us motivated, but they're also ensuring that we are still receiving the highest level of teaching! We are still able to be very interactive during the lessons, which I find so important! Throughout my training with FTA, I have always received excellent training; during these challenging times, that has not changed! Being able to continue theoretical training via Microsoft Teams has been brilliant, and the standard of training is the same as ever - excellent!” - Freddie 

FTA Global has a reputation for pushing boundaries and standing apart from the competition. The company are one of the only flight schools to deliver all their training in the UK and believe the right location, high standards of instruction and a modern fleet are fundamental to excellent pilot training. In addition to introducing a new and unique ATPL timeline, they have completely refurbished their facilities, increased their fleet and expanded their instruction team.  


The company has become adept to changing its business to meet market needs and are launching several new programmes in 2021. When the school started almost fifteen years ago, the entirety of its commercial pilot training was modular (part-time). Today 60% of their intake are integrated students, but they maintain a commitment to offering modular programmes and packages which allow students to manage their training over a more extended period of time.   

FTA Global's new advanced modular package – a Multi-Engine Piston Rating (MEP), Instrument Rating (ME IR) and Commercial Pilot’s Licence (ME CPL) will launch in January 2021. By increasing the number of classes they run, they have also opened up additional availability for the extended ATPL Theory course. For more information about FTA’s modular programmes visit: www.fta-global.com 

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