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Flight school enrols students throughout pandemic and offers 3-year freeze on prices.

Alexandra O'Loughlin26 Feb 2021
  • Flight school locks prices for modular ab initio training for 36 months
  • Managing Director rejects suggestion that now is not the time to train, with the industry still forecasting a need for 600,000 jobs worldwide over next 20 years.
  • School offers most comprehensive range of programmes and packages the industry has to offer.

FTA Global, who will soon celebrate their 15th anniversary as a successful commercial flight school, have just announced that they will freeze the price of their modular course for all ab initio students who embark on their PPL this year.

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British summer results in record breaking July for Sussex-based flight school

Alexandra O'Loughlin01 Aug 2019

FTA, a commercial flight school based at Brighton City Airport, are one of many UK-based companies benefiting from the record-breaking summer the UK is enjoying this year.

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