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Introductory flying lesson (60 minutes) £200

Private Pilot's Licence:

- Piper PA28

- Diamond DA40



Multi-Engine Piston Rating (MEP)
Full Multi-Engine Instrument Rating Course (PPL ME-IR) £21,145
Multi-Engine Commercial Pilot Licence Course (ME CPL) - IR Holders £7,985
ATPL Theory - nine month course £9,950

Training packages:

Instrument Rating (IR) Revalidation (simulator) package £790
Combined MEP, ME IR and ME CPL package £32,685
Advanced Modular package (inc. ATPL Theory and all advanced flight training modules) £47,500

Hour building Package - 20-hour block

  • Piper PA28
  • Diamond DA40





Integrated Flight Deck Programme - 2021


Standard Rates:

Diamond DA40 Aircraft Hire (per hour) £237
Diamond DA42 Aircraft Hire (per hour) £447
Piper PA28 Aircraft Hire (per hour) £194
DA42 Simulator Hire Dual (per hour) £237
PPL Instruction (per hour) £50
Advanced Instruction (per hour) £88
Single Engine Landing Fee (EGKA) £36.30
Single Engine Touch & Go  (EGKA) £13.20
Multi Engine Landing Fee (EGKA) £41.80
Multi Engine Touch & Go (EGKA) £14.52
Instrument Approach Fee (EGKA) £27.50
PPL/IMC/SEP/MEP Test Fee £230
Ground Exam £45
Radio Telephony Practical £125
Test of English for Aviation (TEA) £135

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