Brighton's Best Places to Eat Out

Brighton hosts a variety of well-known restaurants and cafes, many of which are local businesses. While the broad range of vegetarian and vegan eateries is particularly impressive, there is such a variety that everyone will be able to find something to suit their taste.

Top restaurants:

  • The Chilli Pickle - an Indian restaurant in central Brighton serving street-food inspired dishes.
  • O'shio - a small restaurant serving Korean and Japanese cuisine. 
  • La Choza - a Mexican restaurant known for its vibrant and creative decor
  • Tinto Taperia - located opposite the Royal Pavillion, this restaurant serves Spanish tapas.
  • Purezza - an all-vegan pizza restaurant with venues in both London and Brighton.
  • Food For Friends - an award-winning vegetarian and vegan restaurant situated in the South Lanes.
  • Curry Leaf Cafe - a restaurant with multiple locations in Brighton, serving South-Indian street food.

Brighton is also home to The Lanes, where you can find a number of popular, quirky cafes. Some of the best Brighton has to offer include: