FTA Safeguarding Policy


FTA is committed to ensuring that any students under 18 years old have a safe environment in which to study. FTA will ensure that it meets any statutory requirements relating to the safeguarding of children as set out in the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006.

The person responsible for safeguarding is Isabelle Linington

All flying instructors and any other staff that may have regular contact with students under the age of 18 will be subject to a CRB check. This check will be initiated either before appointment or within two weeks of appointment.

All staff will be trained in how to report a suspected case of harm and the subsequent actions needed. All staff will also be trained in safeguarding.

FTA will report a staff member to ISA where that person is thought to be unsuitable to work with under-18s.

Action by staff if suspected case of harm

Any member of staff that suspects another member of staff of harming a student or suspects that the child has been harmed elsewhere should inform Isabelle Linington who will then inform Social Services.

Where a FTA staff member is suspected of causing harm then that staff member will immediately be suspended until an investigation has taken place.

Action by staff if child shares information with them

It is important that the child is supported but confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. The child should be listened to and notes taken of the conversation with date, time and people present recorded.


If FTA is asked to find accommodation for a student under 18 then the student will be lodged with a person who has been CRB checked or Ofsted inspected.