Great - you're interested in our start dates.

We advise that you contact us to secure your place as soon as possible. Please see our Integrated and Modular start dates below:



20 MARCH 2023

12 JUNE 2023




Full information regarding our Integrated Flight Deck Programme can be found here


Modular study:

aTPL THEORY / Modular package 1

10 APRIL 2023

3 JULY 2023

25 september 2023


Flight instructor course

8 AUGUST 2023


Start dates for our stand alone Modular courses and our Modular Package 2, 3 & 4 stat dates are flexible and depend on availability.

Full Information regarding our modular packages can be found here. 

Flight training modules and packages are arranged upon request and you can start throughout the year. Learn more about the extensive list of courses we offer here.

Please get in touch to request an admission form and further information. 


Remember to book your aeromedical...

If you've not done so already, we also advise that you contact your local Aeromedical Centre to organise your medical exam. The waiting list can be around 3-4 months and you will require your EASA and or UK CAA class one medical before you can commence your training. More information about Medicals and finding a centre close to you can be found on the CAA website:

Please request and return your admission form, along with a copy of your EASA and / or UK CAA Class One Medical and passport/identity card. To secure your booking we require an initial payment which this is deducted from the balance of your course fee. The remainder of which is then paid over 12 months. 

If you have any questions, please speak to our friendly admissions team, call: +44 (0) 1273 455177 or email: