The number of people training to be a pilot is not keeping up with demand. The anticipated growth of the industry means more pilots, technicians, engineers and crew are in higher demand that ever before.

The cost of training is high but like anything, it pays to shop around to find the right training provider and solution for you.

At FTA, not only will you be taught by professional, experienced instructors, but you will learn in a supportive and friendly environment which places you at the heart of all its activities.

Whilst we ensure standardisation in our teaching we understand that everyone is different. Students learn in different ways and we work hard to accommodate that. 

boeing-firstclass-pilotsviews-davide-priamo"Being a pilot, especially an airline pilot, gives you the opportunity to work in a highly qualified environment with great achievements every day. Only a few other jobs give such great career prospects, with chances to have some of the highest qualifications in the aviation industry even before their thirties."

DavidE, First Officer | Ryanair

Here is a useful comparison of the two available routes to you, for your pilot training:

Integrated/fULL TIME

Course fee: £77,950

Location: Brighton City Airport.

The benefits of completing 100% of your pilot training in the UK

Course includes:

  • All aircraft, simulator and instructor hours
  • Fuel
  • Airport fees
  • Manuals, books and charts
  • Uniform (excluding shoes)
  • Electronic identification card
  • Civil Aviation Authority theory and flight test fees
  • Aircraft hire for tests
  • CV preparation & interview workshop

To book a tour, enrol, or request more information, please contact us / +44 (0) 1273 455177

Modular Training

If intensive training is simply not feasible then you can complete each module of your pilot training one stage at a time. We offer all stages of the commercial pilot training on a modular basis and we offer excellent value, especially when you complete the MEP, IR and ME CPL back to back (and in that order). This three course package costs £26,195 and enrolment is possible throughout the year.

If you decide that modular training, with opportunity to 'pay as you fly' works best for you, then the training you need to complete is as follows:




"That incredible feeling as the wheels leave the ground and the aeroplane takes flight is 

julie jetmasterclass

incomparable. whether I am the pilot or the passenger, that feeling makes me breathless."


Julie | FTA Pilot

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