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What is it like to train at FTA?

Nine months of your essential training to become a pilot takes place in a classroom. In this video we have tried to capture the atmosphere you will experience first hand as a student at FTA. Any pilot will tell you that to be successful in the training you need to demonstrate resilience, hard work, patience and self-assurance. Meet the students doing just that at FTA...

FTA Instructor Video

Have you ever been curious about what skills and abilities are required to become a flight instructor? Perhaps you've never given it a second thought. Our suggestion is that you should. A good instructor will share many of the same qualities required of any pilot. You need to have a love of flying, experience and to possess a curious mind with a continuous thirst to learn more. We asked some of our experienced instructors the important question: why be a flight instructor?

HubSpot Video

FTA Virtual Tour

Interested in visiting us for a tour? Take a look inside FTA Global and explore our campus. Watch our 60-second video to get a preview of what you'll see when you visit us!

DA40 flying an ILS RWY 24 at Southend Airport (EGMC)

Watch this video of one of our DA40 aircraft landing at Southend Airport. This video gives you a real sense of what it feels like learning to fly with FTA, in one of our favourite aircraft.

An FTA student travels to Le Touquet in France as part of a lesson - just your average day!

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